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Welcome to YABC Triple Threat Online Resources!

This page has been created for all YABC Triple Threat students to keep their skills up and have some fun as we all face this unprecedented coronavirus situation.

Our goal with these pages is to create materials to add to your home activity toolkits, but not to transition completely to online classes.  So please enjoy purely as some fun and are completely optional.

We will continue to release new videos, tutorials and fun links over the coming weeks.

We’d love to see you enjoying these resources – please send any photos or videos to communications@stageschool.com.au or if you have any suggestions of things you’d like to see included on the Hub.

We hope you enjoy YABC Triple Threat Online!


Hello to all the Triples! Hope you are keeping safe and well! We’ve been missing classes and have some things in the works for you to keep all of your skills up and stay engaged until we can get together again.

But to get things rolling, and for just a bit of fun, we’ve got a big project in store for Friday nights and you are the first group! It’s a VIRTUAL CHOIR!

You’ve no doubt seen these out on the internet, so we want this one to be really good so we can share it across social media. We hope everyone will get on board and involved. We want you to record yourselves singing Season of Love, send it to us and it will be edited into a slick single video.

Here is a link with the different vocal parts and a backing track. Pick your vocal part and learn the full song.

Once you know your part really well, please record yourself singing along to the backing track. Wear headphones to listen to the backing track so all we hear is you singing (keep the headphone sound down so we can’t hear the track coming through).

If you are doing this on your phone/iPad, make sure you record horizontally not vertically.

Other important things to note:

  • Please do your hair/make-up so you all look great.
  • Wear your YABC uniform t-shirt (not the Triples singlet)
  • Frame yourself as a mid shot eg. your head and shoulders
  • Do this in a quiet room away from street/ambient noise.
  • Have fun, be expressive and show off your personality!!

Once you’re done, upload the footage using a file transfer service like WeTransfer (wetransfer.com) and send it to admin@stageschool.com.au

We need your videos ASAP to ensure we can include you in this extravaganza!

Please title your submission eg. TRIPLE THREAT_YourName so we can allocate to the correct choir.

Look forward to seeing what you all come up with and creating something memorable!


  • Online Zoom catchups are rolling out to all YABC Groups over the coming weeks so you can see all your classmates and participate in some fun online activities.  We anticipate these will occur approximately every 2 weeks.  So look out in your emails for your Zoom meeting invitation!
  • Follow Stage School’s Facebook Page, Instagram and the dedicated YABC Instagram for more fun links, videos and photos.
  • Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Hamilton Education Program


Try something completely different with some of the tutorials from the Australian Boys Dance Academy.




Participating in Stage School Australia’s online tutorials is at your own risk.

While Stage School will take care in any online content we provide, the company is not liable for any incidents or injuries sustained.  Please ensure you have parent/guardian permission to undertake these sessions.

Make sure you are working on a non-slip floor and have sufficient space.

Please Note: If participating in any Tap tutorials, ensure you are tapping on a surface that will not scratch or slip eg. avoid stained wooden floorboards, painted concrete and certain tiles floors etc.

Have fun!


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