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VYT Contest Create a commercial

Many of you may have already created your masterpiece – now is your chance to submit it to WIN a 3 month* subscription to Disney +!

If you haven’t made your commercial, now that we’re back in lockdown here’s an opportunity for all VYT students to get creative, practice your acting skills and learn how to make a TV commercial!  Watch the video to find out all the steps you need to know to create your very own Ad.  Use whatever you have around your house and feel free to get as creative as you like – the sky is the limit!

Upload it to your favourite filesharing site (WeTransfer, Google etc) and email the link to us at communications@stageschool.com.au.  Deadline is 12noon on Saturday July 18. The winner will be announced the following week.

Make sure to label your submission clearly eg:
VYT Ad_Your Name_Hawthorn Junior Youth

Have fun!!

Presented by Eddie Diamandi – Stage School Tutor and Award-Winning Film Director


* Parent/guardian permission required to activate subscription.

The Wonderful Wizard of Oz – Audiobook

Look what else has happened in lockdown!  Stage School staff and Diploma of Musical Theatre students have collaborated to create a family-friendly audiobook of The Wizard of Oz!  This isn’t quite the same story that you will be familiar with from the movie, so have a listen to Dorothy, Scarecrow, Tinman Lion and Toto’s adventures in the Land of Oz!

Originally written by L. Frank Baum.
Adapted by Robert Coates
Recorded by Stage School Australia

VYT Exercise – Create your own self-test audition video

Learning to create a great self-test video is an increasingly important part of securing acting professional work. Casting Directors often request self-test submissions, so this is a valuable opportunity to practice and learn some tips & tricks to put your very best foot forward.

Watch the video and follow the steps.  Download the monologues here.

Have fun!!

Presented by Roby Favretto – VYT/YABC Drama Director and Actor

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Have fun!


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