Victorian Youth Theatre

The Victorian Youth Theatre (VYT) is a vibrant drama course for young people aged 8-18, providing an exciting mix of tuition and on stage performance.  Locations across metro Melbourne.  

Call 8199 8344.

VYT: Levels of training

Victorian Youth Theatre Class Levels

The motivation of students joining VYT classes ranges from simply seeking a fun activity to meet new friends, to building public speaking skills, through to an ambition to be on stage.  The class levels outlined in the grid below have been designed to allow students to work with others their own age with similar skills, experience and interests.

Students may join at any age from the year they turn eight, and may progress through the class levels of the organisation based on their age and ability. Entry level students attend one class per week of 90-120 minutes. More advanced students attend two classes per week, each of 90-120 minutes.

We place no pressure on young people to feel they have to work up the class levels. However, for those students who have demonstrated a high skill level and strong commitment, a place in a Performing Level group may be offered. Entry to the Performing Level Groups is by invitation only based on the Directors’ recommendations.

VYT Class Levels

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