Short Courses & Workshops

Improve your performance at auditions and hone your acting skills through our workshops and short courses.


A great way to learn about casting techniques and on-camera skills, in a fun and professional environment. Introduce your kids to some of Melbourne’s finest entertainment industry professionals including leading actors, casting agents, writers and directors.

Casting workshops are held regularly over the course of the year.  CLICK HERE for more information. 



The Talent Company of Australia has recently introduced Screen Acting Short Courses as ongoing programmes of Stage School Australia.  The TCA’s new Short Courses are a great way for young people to gain intensive, concentrated learning in Screen Acting techniques.  With personalised classes in groups of no more than 14, these weekly sessions provide specific instruction in particular areas of acting.  These classes are great for both Drama and Musical Theatre students to learn more of what it takes to succeed on the large and small screens!  Students may enrol by the term in as many short acting courses as they choose.  14 strictly limited places are available in each class each term. 

These courses are open to everyone - you do not have to be a TCA member or Stage School Australia student to participate.

Register your interest online here to be kept informed when bookings for the next short courses and workshops open.

Talent Company of Australia

Contact the Talent Company of Australia on (03) 8199 8343
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