Frequently Asked Questions by prospective TCA members:

Q: What kind of work can we expect once we are a member of the agency?
A: No agency can ever guarantee work for talent members. The Talent Company submit talent on a daily basis for suitable roles in television commercials, television series, feature films, independent/student films, theatre productions and photographic and stills work. Once the casting directors receive submissions, it is up to them who they wish to audition and book for active briefs.

Q: How do I become a member of the Talent Company?
A: There are two ways to join the Talent Company.  Visit Join The TCA for full details.

Q: Who do you accept into the Talent Company?
A: We welcome diversity and represent a wide range of ages, genders, ethnicities and skills, however, not all applicants will be accepted due to their similarity to talent we already have or the volume of work we are currently managing.  We want to give our members the best possible chance to secure work so accept people accordingly.  

Q: What is the process if talent are selected for an audition?
A: When a talent member is selected for an initial audition, they will be notified by a Talent Company agent, and notified of the date, time and location. An email will follow confirming audition details. Sometimes a script will be attached which the member will need to learn prior to the audition. Initial auditions are usually held during school hours, and sometimes can be arranged at the last minute. We endeavour to provide you with as much notice as possible however the industry does operate on very short time frames.

Q: What happens after the audition?
A: Once you have attended your audition, the casting directors will contact us with any successful talent, who may be asked to attend a callback, or possibly be booked for the job. As soon as we are notified we contact all talent involved, however often the agency will not be contacted if talent have not been successful. Rest assure we will contact you as soon as we get the call!

Q: How much does membership cost?
A: Our fees are very economical by industry standards.  It is important to us that, if you have a child who is interested in starting out in the entertainment industry, that the TCA is accessible for families.  Options range from $214.50-$264.50 (inc GST) for Junior members (4-8 year olds) to $258.50-$308.50 (inc GST) for members aged 9+.  The basic package for all ages includes 12 months membership, headshots by a professional photographer, a subscription to the Casting Networks website and a workshop or talent consultation.  Packages are also available for young performers 18+ and established actors.  

Q: What commission do you charge if paid work is secured?
A: We have some of the lowest commissions in the industry, most agencies charge a flat fee and GST as additional. The Talent Company charges the following commission which includes GST: 10% for film, television, electronic media, live theatre, live musical or variety engagements. Commission will be 12.5% for voice overs. Commission will be 15% for all modelling (catwalk and photographic) and all advertisements in TV, Cinema, Catalogues, Billboards,Internet etc. Where a brief is not easily definable into one of the above categories, the TCA will disclose required commission (minimum 10%) before negotiating on behalf of the performer.


Frequently Asked Questions by current TCA members:

Q: I haven’t heard anything about auditions/jobs – how do I know that I am being submitted for work?
A: The Talent Company is constantly submitting talent for briefs/jobs that are active. Once talent has been submitted to Casting Directors, it is up to the Casting Directors who they decide to call for an audition. The Talent Company do not notify talent when they have been submitted, it is only when they are successful in obtaining an audition that we will be in contact.

Q: How do I keep the Talent Company informed of any relevant experience and skills?
A: It is very important to keep the Talent Company up to date with any relevant experience you have. You can email this through to and we will update your internal profile. You also need to keep your Casting Networks profile (and Showcast if you also have this) up to date, and you will need to do this yourself. You can login to your profile and update skills and any other information at anytime.

Q: I have misplaced, or have yet to receive my login details for Casting Networks/Showcast profiles, how do I find out what these are?
A: If you have misplaced your password and/or username, you can email, listing the member’s full name and which of the websites you require login details for. A Talent Company representative will email your details back to you as soon as possible.

Q: I don’t know how, or can’t change my personal information on my Casting Networks/or Showcast profile.
A: If you are having trouble adding additional information, please email Casting Networks or Showcast directly (via email) with your question. The email contacts can be found on each of the websites. * Talent Company members are not permitted to change their profile headshot – if you wish to change this, please email with the attached photo – this will be checked by a Talent Company representative, and if appropriate, will be uploaded to your profile.