The TCA has been amazing to work with.  They helped me discover my passion for acting and the TV industry.” 
Darcy Tadich, Neighbours


There are two ways to apply for representation with one of Melbourne’s best acting and talent casting agencies.

Option #1: Stage School Australia Students (ages 4-20)

Attend a screen test - BOOKINGS NOW OPEN. TCA Talent Agents hold regular screen tests throughout the year. The performer is sent a short one-minute script to learn for the screen test. After this process successful applicants are invited to join the TCA. Unsuccessful applicants are encouraged to complete further training – options include attending a screen acting short course or a casting workshop with TCA.  To register your interest for the next session please call TCA on (03) 8199 8343 or complete the enquiry form on the TCA homepage.

Option #2: Actors (all ages)

Send us your information for consideration.  This can be done at any time.  Email your CV and headshots/photos to along with a showreel if you have one, or links to your YouTube/web page.  If your submission is of interest to us we will be in contact to arrange an audition.  As above, after this process, successful applicants are invited to join the TCA or recommended to attend further training.

Important note for both screen tests and submissions: we welcome diversity and represent a wide range of ages, genders, ethnicities and skills, however, not all applicants will be accepted.