22 May, 2018

Cannes Film Festival Palme D'or Winner!

Cannes Film Festival Palme D’or Winner!

Congratulations to Yared Scott on starring in this award-winning film!! Yared is not only a member of the Talent Company of Australia who helped secure him this role, but is also a Young Australian Broadway Chorus and Boys Dance Academy Student. We look forward to seeing you shine as your career evolves.

All These Creatures was one of eight selected from 3,943 entries for the short film competition, and took out the top prize for short films at Cannes.

Director Charles William cast Yared Scott after a call-out that drew more than 400 kids.

“There was a very specific thing that I was looking for from the lead role. It’s tough to find a kind of maturity and an innocence that comes across visually in a film.” said filmmaker Charles William.

“It’s a short film about someone looking back at their early adolescence and trying to understand what was going on with their father; whether he was someone who was a sick person or a bad person, and trying to pull apart these memories he has, that led to this tragedy.”

The film was inspired by his personal experiences: “It was a way of me seeing if I could put certain events that happened in my life, and obsessions that I’ve had — things I’ve always thought about, since I was a teenager — into a film that would make people feel emotionally what I felt.”

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