20 Sep, 2021

25 years since our first international tour!

VYT 1996 Tour


25 years ago today the 💙 Victorian Youth Theatre 💙 set off on the company’s first-ever international tour!!

🤩 The troupe presented A Well Spun Yarn (an Australian re-interpretation of A Midsummer Night’s Dream) at locations and schools across the USA, including a special appearance at The Smithsonian Institute in Washington. Back then the company only had 600 students at 6 locations. We’re so thankful to all our students over the past decades who have enjoyed our classes and with whom we have grown and diversified into Musical Theatre, Beginners OnStage and the Australian Boys Dance Academy. As soon as we possibly can we’re looking forward to coming back together and continuing to ‘Develop Young People Through the Performing Arts’! 💙 ⭐💚⭐💛⭐💜⭐❤️⭐