YABC and VYT Levels

What do all the levels mean?

The YABC and VYT hierarchies have been designed to allow students to work with others in their age group with similar skills and experience.

Offers to move up the levels are based on the Teachers’ and Directors’ recommendations at the end of each semester. Students will always be placed in an appropriate class for their age and level of ability. It is not unusual, and is beneficial, for students to remain in a group level for several years to consolidate their skills. As the saying goes, practice makes perfect.

Students whose abilities are developing more quickly may move up through the hierarchy as their skills and confidence increase. 

Places in Performing Level groups are offered to students who have demonstrated a high skill level, and strong commitment to the performing arts.  Performing Groups work to an advanced level, and hold a position of prestige and responsibility within the hierarchy of the company.  Promotions from one Performing Group to another are becoming more competitive, which is further increasing the status associated with our Performing Level Groups.

Young Australian Broadway Chorus (YABC) Hierarchy

Young Australian Broadway Chorus Levels


Victorian Youth Theatre (VYT) Hierarchy

VYT Class Levels