Policies & Forms

Below are Stage School Australia's policies we require our members to abide by, as well the most commonly requested forms for download in PDF format.


Student Behaviour

Student Commitment

Student Attendance

Discipline & Warning Policy

If you display unacceptable behaviour in class, your teacher will give you a warning. This is to officially tell you that your behaviour needs to change, and give you a chance to improve. We involve parents/guardians at this stage so they can help you improve behaviour. After two official warnings, subsequent breaches of rules would result in removal from class and cancellation of your place. If your behaviour threatens the safety of you or others, or risks significant property damage, it may lead to immediate removal from the class and cancellation of your place. If a student is removed from class, fees for will be calculated in accordance with the Payment Terms and Conditions.

Health and Allergens Policy

Stage School Australia is committed to the health of all students and staff members. Whilst we aim, as far as practicable, to provide a safe and healthy environment, we recognise that achieving a completely allergen free setting is difficult, particularly in an extra-curriculum based context. As such, Stage School Australia considers communication, education and the implementation of practical strategies to be most effective in reducing exposure to known allergens. 

Stage School Australia has adopted and implemented a range of procedures and risk minimisation strategies to:

If your child suffers any allergies or anaphylaxis, it is imperative that you supply Stage School Australia with the essential information. If this information is provided to us on your child’s enrolment form, we will also require a Medical Action Plan for our records and the appropriate medication must be with your child when attending all Stage School Australia events. Our Site Managers are fully trained in Anaphylactic Management. Upon receipt of the Action Plan, the Site Manager will be in contact arrange a meeting at our venue to discuss any special requirements regarding your child’s situation.

Whilst we will take all reasonable steps to ensure staff are adequately trained and for the general conduct of our classes, we do not accept any responsibility for any illness or injury suffered as a result of participation in classes or other activity organised by Stage School Australia.

Privacy Policy

Personal information about visitors to this website is primarily collected when knowingly and voluntarily submitted. Personal information can include your name, address, e-mail address and phone number.  If you choose to submit your details, you are agreeing to accept communications from the Stage School Australia by post and electronically.  You are able at any time to opt out of receiving any further communications from the Stage School Australia.  This data is collected for the primary purpose of providing our products and services, or information relating to those products and services to you, the customer.

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Downloadable Forms

  1. Change of Dismissal Form
  2. Action Plan Forms