Photography at shows

At Stage School Australia, we appreciate how important it is for families and our young performers to have mementos of the exciting experience of performing on stage.

We know that photos and videos are a great way to preserve these memories and have worked hard to provide access to high quality photos for all the shows. However, we must ask that our audience members respect that no photography, audio or video recording is permitted by patrons at the National and Union Theatres. This policy is due to a number of privacy, copyright and safety concerns.

Just as you would expect in any professional theatre space, the staff at the National and Union Theatres endeavour to ensure that audiences can enjoy the show uninterrupted by sounds of cameras clicking, flashes or video/phone/iPad screens. These interruptions can also be distracting to performers and are a safety hazard. Furthermore, the policy ensures that we comply with copyright and privacy regulations enforced by national and international regulatory bodies.

If you would like a keepsake of your child’s performance, A&RCoates provides high quality photography of all the YABC, VYT and Beginners OnStage performances through the A&RCoates website. For the safety and privacy of the children, access to these photos requires a login and password that is only distributed to the parents and guardians of Stage School Australia students.

Unfortunately due to copyright restrictions we are not permitted to produce DVDs of any of the performances.

We trust you will understand and hope that you enjoy the shows.