About YABC Classes

Weekly Rehearsals

All YABC students attend a weekly class, which is divided into sessions with a Musical Director, Dance Director and Drama Director.
Entry-level (Training) rehearsals are 2 – 2.25 hours in duration. Performing level rehearsals are 3 hours in duration, and also include tap dance in the curriculum.

We are looking forward to resuming in-person classes in 2021 and are currently working through the details to ensure all classes are conducted with high Covid-safe protocols.  This may require changes to how we conduct our classes and performances.

Each of these sessions follows a similar format:

  • Warm-Up (safe dance and vocal warm-ups, focus exercises in Drama)
  • Skill Work (diction and range exercises in voice, flexibility, coordination and specific steps in dance, various theatre games and activities in drama)
  • Repertoire Rehearsal (rehearsals for upcoming performances).

About YABC

The YABC teaching methodology places an emphasis on creative drama as a means to developing performing skills. We believe it is important to turn our students into talented musical theatre performers in song, dance and drama. Our repertoire is chosen according to the age and level of each group, placing a focus on the skills students are developing.

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