Beginners OnStage ~ Foundation

Classes for pre-school children in Brighton, Epping, Brunswick, Hawthorn & Ringwood.

Often in young children, song and dance go hand in hand from a very early age. Musical theatre is a natural progression from the story telling children experience in toddlerhood with their nursery rhymes and action stories. Beginners Foundation aims to develop that natural creative energy and imagination across several disciplines.

Download the information sheet outlining the criteria students will be working towards in Beginners OnStage classes.

Creative Play.

At Beginners OnStage Foundation, we want to capture and continue to foster your child’s early love of song and dance. Using familiar rhymes and action songs, as well as songs written especially for the Foundation program, students will play, explore and create using their imaginations, bodies and voices. They will also build confidence and a little more independence.

What Happens In Class?

Students spend 30 minutes with a singing teacher and 30 minutes with a dance teacher. Classes are focussed on guided “play” activities where students will learn basic performance skills. Activities could range from puppet making, to using instruments, to learning to leap puddles in dance, to finding out the basics of how their voice works!

Let’s Celebrate!

The semester will culminate in a song and dance performance especially designed for the Foundation students. It includes a themed presentation in costume to an audience that is fully chaperoned by their teacher. It is designed to build confidence on stage and be an exciting celebration of the skills learned.

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