Sing, Dance, Act

Discover the joy of performing with kids acting classes!

Beginners OnStage supports children 4-7 years old as they discover a new world of performing, creativity and important life skills. Perfect for busy parents looking for kids activities.

Develop social skills.

Explore a new world of performing while developing social skills and making new friends in Beginners OnStage – singing, acting and dancing lessons for children 5-7 years. In Melbourne, we now also offer a specially designed  Foundation program for 4 & 5 year olds.

Nothing can match the fun of singing, dancing and acting.

And the best thing is – it’s good for you! Studies have shown that creative play helps foster confidence, creativity and social and personal development. Listen to the podcast with Michael Anderson, Professor of Education at Sydney University on how song, dance and drama create a more resilient child.

Neuroscience tells us that the first three years of life are crucial for a child's development. This is when neural pathways are wired, and when we have an opportunity to foster curiosity, connection, risk, and beauty in our children’s understanding of the world.

Dr Sarah Austin - Arts Council of Australia Creating The Future Report

The arts provide a valuable avenue for experiencing our creativity and the wider benefits of arts engagement are well documented. At a personal level they include greater self confidence, an active imagination, a sense of belonging, empowerment, and improved wellbeing and educational performance.

Creative Connections Report

"Firstly, thank you for a wonderful year! Our 3 boys have thoroughly enjoyed this year in Bundoora - and as parents, we have loved seeing their confidence and skills grow and their end of year performances were simply outstanding! The staff have been wonderful, very professional and just fantastic with the kids."

Beginner OnStage & YABC Parent

Last night’s Beginners onstage performance was our first ever and I just HAVE to email you to congratulate you all on an incredible night. We loved it, [our son] had a wonderful time. To say we were happy, thrilled, delighted and convinced this was a great thing for our child to do would all be understatements! We were blown away, genuinely moved at times (Nothing’s going to change my world… OMG!!!) and just so very proud as the parents of [our son]... I just wanted to congratulate you all on what is clearly an enormous amount of prep. work, organisation and sheer professional commitment.

Beginners OnStage Parent

The arts have a beneficial effect on how confident and engaged children become as they grow into adulthood

Michael Anderson, Professor of Education at the University of Sydney

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