Australian Boys Dance Academy

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Boys-only dance classes for young men to progress at their own pace through our specially tailored boys dance lessons.

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Hip Hop, Tap & Jazz

A boys-only dance class for Hip Hop, Tap & Jazz with integrated strength and agility training.

The Australian Boys Dance Academy provides a safe, boys-only zone for young men aged 6-18 to progress at their own pace through our specially tailored courses. No experience required.

Build Fitness & Strength

Our classes are great for:

  • boys with imagination, creativity and who like a challenge
  • sporty kids who want to boost their coordination, agility, flexibility and spatial awareness
  • actors who want that extra skill base and boys who just want to dance!

Our teachers have worked extensively as dancers, choreographers and actors in film, television and musical theatre across Australia and internationally.

"Absolutely loved the show. The best part was seeing so many boys so happy on stage and loving busting their moves. I was moved to tears as sometimes it's hard for them to feel comfortable dancing but they really outdid themselves and I just loved the joy they all radiated in such a supportive environment"

Australian Boys Dance Academy

It was incredible. Especially since they only have one class a week.

Parent after the Demonstration Show

I don’t know what it was but I enjoyed today more than my daughter’s dance concerts. I’m not sure whether it was because it was all boys or because of the lighting or aesthetics, but I just loved it.

Parent commenting on the Demonstration show