"This is our first semester with YABC... We were all absolutely blown away by the sheer professionalism of the performance on the night from all levels but in particular from the older students.  We had 10 family members there to watch the performance and all of us walked away full of praise. Well done to all of the staff for the hard work, involvement and commitment you put into the students to make the performances and nights so successful."  YABC Parent

"We are in awe of the performers and staff for pulling together such a feat for our entertainment.  And entertained we were!  The music, the songs, the costumes... those wonderful performers!  F-A-N-T-A-S-T-I-C !!!  We look forward many more years with the YABC and again thank the extraordinary staff for their extraordinary work throughout the season."  YABC Parent

"Absolutely loved the show. The best part was seeing so many boys so happy on stage and loving busting their moves. I was moved to tears as sometimes it's hard for them to feel comfortable dancing but they really outdid themselves and I just loved the joy they all radiated in such a supportive environment" Boys Dance Academy Parent 

 “It was incredible. Especially since they only have one class a week” Boys Dance Academy Parent 

“I don’t know what it was but I enjoyed today more than my daughter’s dance concerts. I’m not sure whether it was because it was all boys or because of the lighting or aesthetics, but I just loved it.”  Boys Dance Academy Parent 

"My daughter has been performing with YABC for several years now and really enjoys the experience.  My wife and I attend the half yearly and end of year performances and I have to say that they are a fantastic nights entertainment, showcasing the amazing talent with a very slick production.  The most recent production, “Hooray for Hollywood” was certainly no exception and we both thoroughly enjoyed the evening."  YABC Parent

"Firstly, thank you for a wonderful year! Our 3 boys have thoroughly enjoyed this year in Bundoora - and as parents, we have loved seeing their confidence and skills grow and their end of year performances were simply outstanding! The staff have been wonderful, very professional and just fantastic with the kids." Beginners OnStage & YABC Parent

"I would like to extend a massive thank you to all the staff at YABC. My daughter participated in the YABC program this year at Bundoora. She has thoroughly enjoyed herself each and every week and looks forward to classes all the time. I have found the teachers, all staff and everyone I have had contact with, including those via phone and email to all be exceptionally friendly, helpful and professional. Thank you for providing this wonderful program and running it so well." YABC Parent

"We just wanted to pass on our thanks and heartfelt congratulations on the wonderful concert we attended.  Our son...participated in his first concert last night after joining this year. The children were so fantastic on stage, it is a credit to the incredible team of teachers you have to see what they performed after such a short time with Beginners on Stage.  [Our son] truly had the most wonderful time, I asked him what he loved most about being in the concert and he said “It was just so much fun to be on stage, and it made my heart feel so happy”. How wonderful that our son has found a place that can bring about that amount of joy."  Beginners OnStage Parent

"I’d just like to acknowledge the wonderful performance at the National Theatre on Friday night.  The show was outstanding and showcased brilliantly the efforts and talents of students, teachers and production team alike.  My son is part of the YABC Junior Chorus group ... and we were amazed at the professionalism of the production. The step-up from the Beginners OnStage concerts last year was huge and they all seemed to handle it so well. The flow of the evening was seamless and a credit to all involved. The finale especially, that brought all groups together from different ages, sizes, acts and the way they performed their bow was wonderful." YABC Parent

"I just wanted to pass on my thanks and congratulations for yet another stunning performance last night.  All I can say is I am in awe of how your team pulls it all together given the students practice at various locations and come together for the final performance with only one dress rehearsal.  Amazing!!!  The coordination is seamless and the Costumes/Band/Sets all brilliant and top class.  I sit in wonderment at the level of skill displayed by our young people and I'm happy to see that Musical Theatre - Singing/Dancing/Acting will be passing onto future generations and never be lost.  My daughter has danced since Prep and has been part of two Dance schools during that time but neither had the organistation that your's displays.   I can only look forward with great anticipation to the end of year performance."  Parent

"Last night my daughter performed with the Wantirna Senior Chorus on the opening night of "NICE WORK IF YOU CAN GET IT”.  I just want to congratulate all involved in the production of this wonderful show. All the performers were so well trained and the costumes were brilliant.  I feel so privileged that my daughter has an opportunity to be involved in such a professional show."  Parent

"I'd just like to thank all my teachers over the years who really have made a difference to my life. I have attended YABC for about 10 years until now so it has had a massive influence on my life. I've learnt a lot and thoroughly enjoyed every rehearsal which is why I'd like to formally thank everyone who made my experience what it was.  It was great being a part of the Yabc family!!"  Student

"I would like to thank all teachers and staff who have made her time at YABC fun and enjoyable and above all, have given her the encouragement to be a confident performer." Parent

"Last night’s Beginners onstage performance was our first ever and I just HAVE to email you to congratulate you all on an incredible night. We loved it, [our son] had a wonderful time. To say we were happy, thrilled, delighted and convinced this was a great thing for our child to do would all be understatements! We were blown away, genuinely moved at times (Nothing’s going to change my world… OMG!!!)  and just so very proud as the parents of [or son]... I just wanted to congratulate you all on what is clearly an enormous amount of prep. work, organisation and sheer professional commitment." Beginners OnStage Parent

"I often think about how lucky [our son] is to have found his "tribe".  As a teenage boy making his way in the world, the friendships and support he gets from YABC  is just so valuable.  He is a happy, well-grounded young man who has good self-esteem and wonderful role models - and we don't take these things for granted at all." YABC Parent

"Fantastic show! Thanks to everyone behind the scenes who make these kids shine on stage!" Parent

"A wonderful show, as always. Hard not to leave with a big smile on your face. YABC do this so well!"  Parent

"I would just like to say it was a very enjoyable night and a very professional production. Congratulations to all the wonderful people who work behind the scenes to make it all appear effortless on the night and to the teachers who make it enjoyable for the kids to want to keep coming back each week.  I am also impressed by the communication I receive about what is going on and how things work, it makes choosing to send my daughter to YABC an easy decision." Parent

"Thank you again for a wonderful experience.  YABC is the highlight of [our son's] week, and we are thrilled that he has found himself in a peer group who look after each other, encourage each other and are able to laugh, and with mentors who are able to nurture his love of performing." Parent

"Please pass on our congratulations to all of the staff involved in this tremendous performance. This was our first ‘show’ and we were so impressed. The scripts were thoroughly enjoyable and the costumes and sets were really professional. I cried during the Lucky Charm. Several times! The actors did an amazing job!
Thank you!" VYT Parent

"Just had to drop you a few lines to say WOW!!  Last night was our first experience of a YABC concert and we were thoroughly blown away with the level of professionalism and skill of all the students involved."  Parent

"It was our daughter’s first performance on Sat night and we were SO impressed with the quality of the production. It was a pleasure seeing it. Thank you for all your hard work and efforts!"  Parent

"Last night's concert was an incredible performance.  This was [our daughter's] first concert ever.  She had a wonderful time and we were amazed by the fantastic standard of the performances.  The performers, band, lighting crew and stage managers all did an amazing job.   Please congratulate all those concerned and we look forward to another great year with the program."  Parent

"Right from the very first rehearsal, our son was smitten with it.  He comes home buoyed by the confidence given him by the wonderful teachers he's come into contact with and from the friendships he's developing.  We are both professional classical musicians, with years of experience in symphony orchestras as well as musical theatre orchestras in Europe.  We appreciate how well run [Stage School Australia] is, as well as how thorough you are in taking care of all the details involved in putting together such massive performance seasons  - you've achieved the full sensory experience!  We had a wonderful time on Sunday evening at The National Theatre.  There's nothing more gratifying than watching your child glow on stage."  Parent

"Just back from performance. Wonderful and incredible event. I don't know how you manage to coordinate such an enterprise. Please pass on our delight and thanks to all concerned. What a feat of organization.  Looking forward to the end of the year!!!"  Parent  

"I have to say the show was fantastic. I have been to other shows as my grand daughter does jazz, tap and ballet and as soon as she had finished we wanted to leave as those shows were so amateurish.  Your show was great!  I bought a friend who does not have children who just came to see her, and he too said the same - what a great show.  The music, the songs, the dancing, the costumes, the glitz - all fantastic.  We were sad when it ended, so well done to all the staff that helped make this a great performance.  I will make sure I book early for the next show so I can get great seats."  Grandparent

"The programme gave me the chance to improve my self-confidence in an atmosphere where I could express myself freely"  Young Australian Broadway Chorus (YABC) Student

"[Stage School Australia] has been a gift to Madeline. I am sure that the amazing learning experiences she has received being part of such a wonderful organisation will be of great benefit to her future"  Parent

"My 2 boys have been a part of [Stage School Australia] for 13 years. My oldest, now 20, started with YABC when he was 7 yrs old. A few years on he also started attending rehersals with VYT. He progressed all the way through to Triples and the Senior Ensemble. My 9 years old is also apart of YABC now and imagine he will continue to participate for many years to come. Our experience of [Stage School Australia] has been outstanding. They are a highly professional and skilled group of teachers who have supported, encourged and cared about my children. Their focus on development rather than the production of 'stars' has meant that the experience has always been positive one. Rehersals are fun, challenging and always well organised. They get boys to sing and dance and they come back! My eldest has developed friendships that will be life long. [Stage School Australia] has been an important part of his life, I expect to say the same about my youngest when he is the same age. I recommend the [Stage School Australia] highly, we wouldn't go anywhere else for performing arts training."  Parent

"Thursday's performance was spectacular and a credit to all the teachers and students"  Parent of Victorian Youth Theatre (VYT) Student

"It's well organised and very professional...  It creates memorable, life enriching experiences for the children"  Parent of VYT Student

"My son began with [Stage School Australia]/YABC @ age 7. This year he will take part in his final performance @ age 18. My son's growth as a person during that time has been a pleasure to watch. He began as a shy young boy and has developed into a confident young adult. He has been involved in some amazing performances which have included many stages & shows throughout Melbourne. He has toured to the Adelaide Fringe festival and also performed at Disneyland and on stage in New York on a [Stage School Australia] tour to the USA. I credit his time @ [Stage School Australia]/YABC to his qualities as an individual today which include commitment, dedication, responsibility & leadership. It has been a positive & productive organsation to be involved with. I recommend every parent give their child an opportunity to experience the [Stage School Australia]"   Parent

"...they are reall friendly, encouraging and ready to 'step on the bus' and go places in your career.  Without the Talent Company of Australia (TCA) I wouldn't even know where to start looking for opportunities like feature films or Neighbours!"  Coco Cherian - Rani Kapoor in Neighbours 

"We are delighted with the level of confidence and the amount of fun our daughter has gained from Beginners OnStage" Parent of Beginners OnStage (BoS) Student

"I appreciate everything that you have done for me and for everyone else. Love you always."  Rhiannon Fish - April Scott in Home & Away, Rocky in the Australian Disney Channel's As the Bell Rings

"To all at YABC, thank you for 9 amazing and wonderful years!" YABC Student

"We initally gave our two boys the opportunity to be part of [Stage School Australia] to build their confidence when they were 8 & 9 in 2005. They loved it from the very start - one following the YABC stream and the other VYT. They were lucky enough to be part of the US Performance Tour in 2008 where they had amazing performance experiences, attended many Broadway shows and were exposed to real American familes. They came home more confident and independant than ever. Last year they were both involved the Moomba Parade and had a brilliant time. They have certainly built their dramatic skills, their confidence and also learnt about hard work, committment and team work. The training has helped them perform well in presentations and performances at school, can easily speak to a group of people and I hope will be able to perform confidently in job interviews in their future. They both have a love of performance that they will take with them throughout their lives. Thanks [Stage School Australia] for all the training, support and challenging my children to grow as performers and people." Parent

"I'm really lucky to be in the position that I am... I'd love to take (acting) as far as I can" Matt Werkmeister - Zeke in Neighbours

"I really like learning new songs...and I met other friends there" BoS Student

"We chose [Stage School Australia] because it was all in one location, Drama, Dance and Vocal... a friend told us that her daughter was with you guys and how fantastic the company was.  So we looked and we were hooked!" Parent

"Confidence is key and if nothing else [Stage School Australia] gives our kids confidence by the bucketload.  It's a great big step on the ladder of life. Cheers guys."  Parent

"Very professional organisation.  Well done.  Our daugher has gained more confidence, enjoyed meeting new friends outside of school and all this contributes to her being a happy person."  Parent

"Congrats to everyone for an amazing year!  I've learned so much from you all."  YABC Student