Below we have identified some of our most frequently asked questions. Should you not find what you are looking for below, please contact our Head Office team for further assistance.

Joining Us

Why choose Stage School Australia?

Stage School Australia (formerly the Children’s Performing Company of Australia) has been a leading provider of performing arts training for young people for over 35 years. In this time, we have crafted what we believe to be the highest quality program for young people interested in developing their skills in this field.

What are the benefits of Stage School Australia?

Our programs offer a host of benefits to participants, which extend well beyond that of simply teaching them performing arts skills. We pride ourselves on our ability to provide an environment where students can have fun whilst achieving social and personal development, equipping them with skills for life.

Does my child need to audition?

For Beginners OnStage, Australian Youth Theatre (AYT) and Young Australian Broadway Chorus entry is by audition – and it’s fun! Auditions enable us to place students in the most appropriate class for their age and level of ability. We cater for students across all skill levels, from those who have never tried the performing arts, to those who have had many years of experience. Our audition sessions are also a great opportunity for parents to see our classes. Auditions are held three times a year, in February/March, June/July and November/December.

For Australian Boys Dance Academy entry is by try-out, which can happen up until Term 3. Call to book on (03) 8199 8344.

At what age can a student start?

Beginners OnStage caters for children aged 3-7 years of age. The Australian Youth Theatre (AYT) and the Young Australian Broadway Chorus (YABC) accepts students aged between 8-18 years of age.

The Australian Boys Dance Academy are boys-only classes for ages 6-18 years.

Do students require previous experience?

Many of our students join our classes exclusively to increase their self-confidence and social skills. No experience is required to join any of our programs.

Do you cater for students with previous experience?

Yes, we cater for students with all levels of experience in the performing arts. During the initial audition, we encourage students who have had previous experience to participate to the best of their ability, allowing us to place them in the most suitable group.

Why would my child not be accepted?

We ensure that every student who trials or auditions has the ability to thrive in our classes. Our audition activities have been chosen because they are simple enough for inexperienced students to participate fully, yet allow more experienced students to demonstrate their training and ability. Occasionally we find that our classes are not a good fit for a student who has auditioned. A good example of this would be a student whose behaviour disrupts the learning of others or fails to follow instructions when given. Our commitment is to ensure that all students are given a fair and equal opportunity to succeed, this includes removing or not accepting students who would be highly disruptive to the learning of others. Assessments are based on participation in these exercises and the student’s willingness and aptitude to develop these skills in our classes.

Can my child request to be in the same class as their friends?

Class divisions are made strictly by birthdate. Over time we have found that this is the most equitable way to divide classes.

What commitment is involved for parents/guardians?

The biggest commitment for our parents/guardians is ensuring that their child arrives at rehearsals and other scheduled activities on time and are collected when they conclude. We would also ask that parents/guardians are supportive of their child’s commitment to the course.


How often do your students perform?

Beginners OnStage, YABC and AYT students perform twice annually in a fully staged theatre production at the end of each semester. The Young Australian Broadway Chorus also complete drama demonstrations at your local rehearsal venue throughout the year which family can attend.  Australian Boys Dance Academy present low-key demonstrations which may be held in the rehearsal location or at a small theatre.

Are there other performance opportunities?

Yes. We are incredibly proud of the additional performing opportunities we offer our students. From public performances, local events, additional productions and tours, we try to extend as many performing opportunities as possible. For a full list of additional local, interstate and international performances please see our past shows and tours and events pages.

Are the performances compulsory?

Yes, performances are compulsory. Rehearsals are geared towards preparing a piece for the end of semester performance and all students are required to take part. Should a student be unable to attend a performance, they will be required to submit an apology no less than four weeks in advance.

Where are the performances held?

Performances for the Young Australian Broadway Chorus are held at the National Theatre in St Kilda. Performances for both the Australian Youth Theatre and the Beginners OnStage are held at a professional theatre in Melbourne.  Brisbane performances are held at the Draney Theatre in Ashmore.

What sort of songs and plays will my child perform?

Our repertoire is exciting and varied across all our programmes. No two semesters are the same. The Young Australian Broadway Chorus regularly features songs from well-known touring musicals. The Australian Youth Theatre repertoire ranges from the classics to works written especially for us by local artists. The Beginners OnStage repertoire features an assortment of familiar children’s songs from TV, movies and storybooks.


What are the age ranges and how many students are in each class?

Where possible, there is no more than a two-year age range between the oldest and youngest in a class. It varies depending on the class type and performing level. On average the Young Australian Broadway Chorus class size is between 18-20 but can increase slightly at an advanced level. The Australian Youth Theatre and Beginners OnStage class sizes will generally have no more than 18 students.

What happens in rehearsals?

The Young Australian Broadway Chorus and Beginners OnStage have their rehearsals split into three segments including singing, dancing and drama. Specialist rehearsal directors take students for each discipline. More information can be found in YABC course information and Beginners OnStage course information.

The Australian Youth Theatre start rehearsal with a fun-warm up that has been selected to relate to the skills work to follow. The majority of the rehearsal is then based around developing students’ core skills. More information can be found in AYT course information.

Who are your teachers?

Our teachers are all industry professionals from a wide variety of backgrounds. From experienced and working actors to singers, leading choreographers and directors, our staff bring the best of the performing arts industry direct to our rehearsals. Many are even past students who have gone on to be successful in their chosen field! Additionally, all staff have a current Working with Children Check (Victoria) or Blue Card (Queensland).

What is the duration of weekly classes?

Class length varies depending on the programme and level at which a student is at. Beginners and training level group classes are between one and a half to two and a half hours in duration, while advanced performing levels may extend up to three hours.

Can we change venues or programmes halfway through a semester?

Yes, as long as there are a suitable class and space available at the venue.

Where are your venues located?

We have venues located across Melbourne and Brisbane. See locations for more information.

Can a student progress into more challenging classes?

Within the Australian Youth Theatre and the Young Australian Broadway Chorus, we offer a developmental pathway for students to progress through as their skills develop and they are promoted to more advanced classes. See YABC course information and AYT course information for more details. Beginners OnStage students can progress into either the Young Australian Broadway Chorus or the Australian Youth Theatre once they are old enough.

How do YABC and AYT students get a promotion?

Students are assessed on their progress in the course and eligibility to reach the next level in the hierarchy. This assessment occurs internally by our teaching staff over a semester. Key areas we look at include, performance confidence, energy, skills, rehearsal technique and attendance. Students will always be placed in an appropriate class for their age and level of ability.

Are there any additional commitments?

Students in the Young Australian Broadway Chorus are required to attend up to two workshops per semester depending on their level in the hierarchy. All students are required to attend and perform in both the mid-year and end of year performances.

Can parents attend rehearsals?

Parents are welcome to attend the initial audition session, which is designed to give an insight into how classes are run, however, they are not able to attend trial classes or weekly rehearsals. Why? A lot of our students come to us for personal development and to build confidence when parents are present it can impede this by distracting students, shifting their focus and changing their behaviour. It is also used to maintain a strict security policy as all our teachers have a Working with Children Check/Blue Card, something we cannot verify for each parent.

Costumes & Uniform

Is there a uniform?

Yes, all students will a rehearsal t-shirt. Additionally, each program requires a slight variation in rehearsal and performance shoes/trousers. Details regarding uniform are supplied following your enrolment.

Does Stage School Australia supply costumes?

Yes, we supply all the performance costumes. This is included as part of our annual fee at no extra cost. Parents are not required to contribute to this department!

Can we hire your costumes?

We offer costume hire for concerts, theatre productions, and school shows – minimum of 20 costumes. We do not do individual fancy dress. Please see our costume hire page for more information.

Fees & Payment

What are the fees involved?

Australian Boys Dance Academy fees are pro-rated based on the date of joining. 20% discount available for students enrolled in other Stage School programs.

Beginners OnStage, YABC and AYT fees are calculated on an annual basis and vary depending on the program chosen and the length of rehearsals. If you join at the mid-year point fees are pro-rated to 55% (there are more weeks in Semester Two). All fees include weekly rehearsals, workshops and performance costumes.

Do you offer payment plans?

We have a range of payment options: you can pay fees on a monthly basis, or everything up front. There is a one-off admin fee for members paying monthly.

What if my child does not want to continue?

If for any reason a child doesn’t want to continue they may withdraw from their programme at any time. In accordance with our terms and conditions, an appropriate refund will be given based on how far through the semester a withdrawal is made.