About Us

Established in 1984 Stage School Australia has encouraged the advancement of young people’s personal skills through training in the performing arts for over 30 years.


What’s it all about?

Our extensively developed curriculum combines a mix of on-stage and off-stage rehearsals and performances. We aim to foster self-confidence and public speaking skills in a group environment, as well as boost abilities through live performances.

We truly believe that the skills developed in the performing arts provide a solid platform for young people to take on the world. While our programmes offer continued learning outside of school, the core of our philosophy is a focus on ensuring our students enjoy their experience and have fun.

Benefits of Performing Arts

The performing arts have well documented mental and physical health benefits for young people beyond the stage. Research proves that active participation in the arts positively impacts on young people in the following areas:

  • Social and personal development
  • Attitudes to learning
  • Literacy
  • Numeracy
  • Knowledge of the arts associated skills
  • Competencies such as writing, communicating, problem-solving, planning, organising, perseverance and appreciation of teamwork
  • Appreciation of the arts and culture in general

Building Skills for Their Future

Results from the Australia Council Creating Our Future Report highlight the importance of arts and creativity to child development.

There is a reciprocal relationship between young people and the arts: a connection with the arts sets them up for success and in turn, they play a critical role in the future of the nation.

There is a substantial body of evidence about the value of arts and creativity in education, including the power of arts activities to help students develop personal, social and cognitive skills that transfer to and improve performance in a wide range of academic and social situations.

What’s on Offer

  • Wide range of classes for 4-18-year-olds – Drama, Musical Theatre or Boys Dance classes
  • Develop successful life skills like confidence, communication and teamwork in a fun, inspiring way.
  • Convenient locations across metro Melbourne.
  • Structure and progression – Stage School’s hierarchy of courses offer the widest possible choice, and the most appropriate training, for all ages and levels of ability with the opportunity to progress through the organisation from beginner to advanced.
  • Great Value – all weekly classes, workshops and costumes included.
  • Perform on stage twice a year.
  • Well Established – over 30 years of success.
  • Highly Qualified, experienced teachers.
  • Show Costumes from our vast, high-quality collection (no need to make or buy).
  • Talent Agency – opportunity to join.

Why Choose Stage School Australia

A wide range of classes

For 4-18-year-olds - choose between Drama or Musical Theatre, or do both!

Skill development

Develop successful life skills like confidence, communication and teamwork in a fun, inspiring way.

Multiple locations

21 locations across metro Melbourne

Great value

All weekly classes, workshops and costumes included.

Well Established

Over 30 years of success in teaching acting, singing and performance. We provide a safe place to learn and grow.

Structure and progression

We provide a range of courses offering appropriate training, for all ages and abilities, with the opportunity to progress through the organisation.